Active Projects

Goldman, Mazza, Kowal trio

Max Goldman (drums), Phil Mazza (guitar), and Ryan have been working on new compositions and improvisations. They are working towards building a repertoire of tunes that push each instrument beyond conventional roles and feature extended techniques. 


This sound of this group has been crafted through their monthly gig at Tea In Sahara in Providence. They blend free improvisation with traditional latin grooves, floating melodies, and top notch musicianship. Their self titled album to was released in 2018. Features Jeff Platz, Kit Demos, Max Goldman, Scott Getchell, and Matt Crane.

Ben Shaw's brash band

Ben Shaw, Mark Medeiros, Brian St. Pierre, Tom White, and Joe Grilli round out this ensemble with Ryan. Playing a mixture of folk, jazz, and Americana, this group has been developing their sound for a few years. They play mostly original tunes composed by Shaw. 

Recorded inactive Collaborations


Interplay was a R.I. based creative/experimental music collaborative that performed all original compositions incorporating a variety of musical styles and approaches. Interplay was Ryan Kowal, Phil Mazza, Scott Roddick, Rufus Brothers, and Kelly Roberge.


Mark Medeiros is a composer and guitarist with whom Ryan explored the possibilities of blending composition with free improvisations. Their music is nuanced, dynamically sensitive, and extremely entertaining. 

Mazza, kowal duo

Ryan and Phil Mazza have played together in a variety of settings for years. Their completely improvised sets sound as though composed. 

Dusty Frames

A duo with multi-intrumentalist Patrick Galagan, Dusty Frames write, record, mix, and master all their own material and are constantly pushing the envelope on what is possible with a duo.  


The Meeting of the Minds collaborative featured compositions based in free jazz and employed a high level of improvisation and listening between the members.  The lineup featured Phil Mazza, Charlie Kohlhase, Kit Demos, and Ben Dicke.  Guest instrumentalists have included John McLellan, Curt Newton, Junko Fujiwara, Eric Rosenthal, Kelly Roberge, Tony Cabral, Scott Roddick, Jeff Platz, Ben Shaw, Mark Medeiros, Rufus Brothers, Dave Murphy, Chris Gagnon, Sam Kurzontkowski, and Eric Hofbauer. .

Ryan Kowal Trio

The Ryan Kowal Trio featured Tony Cabral on piano and Joe Grilli on bass.  This group featured a pared down version of some of the songs from Fossils in Time as well as a few of Tony's compositions and jazz standards.