Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls

1989 – Epic


The Indigo Girls are icons that have been churning out great music for decades. This album, which was their first major label release, showcases their brilliance and hints at what is to come. On Indigo Girls, the arrangement of each track is perfectly suited to fit the needs of the song. No noise is out of place and it is clear that Amy Ray and Emily Saliers took considerable time to harness the essence of each composition with instrumentation. While they surrounded themselves with exceptional musicians, the core of these tunes boils down to the two of them, their songwriting, and their performance. I don’t usually comment on lyrical content, and I won’t stray from that here, but what I would like to discuss is how these two women use their voices together. It would have been easy for them to go towards a straight harmonization route for the music, but if they had, this album wouldn’t be half as magical. They trade off phrases, use call and response, and then at times harmonize to keep the listener engaged and surprised at what is coming next. There is some really solid songwriting happening throughout this LP as well. The chord movement, song forms, and hooks are great. I really can’t say enough positive things about this effort. The Indigo Girls have a deep body of work to delve into and luckily, they are still creating new music and touring almost 30 years after this album came out!