Van Morrison – Wavelength

1978 – Warner Brothers Records


As I move through my record collection with these posts, I think it is important to try to look at albums from different viewpoints. This, in my opinion, is much more interesting than just a “I like…the saxophonist is…” type of post. For this album, I am going to look at it in the context of the artists’ full career. While listening to Wavelength, you will hear a near perfect pop album. The songwriting is interesting, the instrumentation is top notch, the songs are catchy, but it is almost too perfect. This album was Morrison’s tenth studio album. To be relevant for long enough to have ten albums is a giant accomplishment. The perfection that I hear across the album, I’m sure, comes from all that experience churning out records. From doing some quick research, it seems like his subsequent albums would not be so radio friendly. I need to check out some of those albums to confirm, but I’m inclined to believe it. Morrison crafted, experimented, and perfected the “pop” album with his first ten efforts, with this one being the culmination. At this point in his career, he probably needed to see what else he could do, which lead to some experimentation with his later records. I give him a lot of credit for working for so many years to achieve what he did on this album, and then have the presence to know that it was time to move on. I own a few Van Morrison LPs so I will be sure to write some more about him in the future. Aside from viewing this from its place in the canon of albums, it is important to say that this is a fun listen. It is a crowd pleaser and there are some neat twists and turns throughout it. Definitely worth checking out!