Dan Auerbach – Keep it Hid

2009 – Nonesuch Records


I crank the bass on my system and let this record spin as the room rattles and I’m enveloped in a warm groove. Dan’s guitar playing and singing define the mood of these songs while fuzzed out bass, organ pedals, and some of the finest pocket drumming round out the sound. The trademark Black Keys sound is present here, but it is totally augmented. This album grooves harder, is more interesting, and feels better than some of the Keys stuff (not that I don’t love them too). This album has a maturity and focus that make is a wonderful repeat listen. I had this on the list to review a few weeks back, but this album needs to be enjoyed in warmer weather. Today felt like spring and this album seems more impactful when it’s not snowing (that could just be me). Closing your eyes, you can imagine this music coming out of a smoky dive bar from a small stage. This music would lose some of its character if it were performed at an arena, it needs the small space to hit you in the way that is intended. Seeing this performed live doesn’t seem like a possibility with all the other work Auerbach is doing, so a record will have to do. Turn it up and enjoy.