MF Doom – MM..Food

2004 – Rhymesayers


I am in no way qualified to comment on lyrical content, so I don’t plan on doing that. The elements that I will discuss are the music, Doom’s voice as an instrument, and the artwork. Musically, I’ve always found this album interesting; mixing cartoon snippets, catchy beats, and Doom’s signature vocal style. His feel over the beat is super relaxed, laying way behind it. Matching this to some of the frantic cartoon dialogue (which propels the music forward) leads to a juxtaposition of feels that somehow works perfectly. In the mix of the album, the vocals and drums are by far the loudest. Interesting things are happening with other instruments (like the bass on “Potholderz” and “One Beer”) but are at an overall lower level. The drums themselves are in your face and great! Looped vocals are featured heavily in their combination with the drums to create a cohesive beat. The tracks are ordered incredibly well which makes the album have a seamless flow from start to finish (it’s a double vinyl so, obviously, there are a few breaks where you have to turn and change the records). I first heard this album was while working at WRIU 90.3 FM in college, so it came to me at an impressionable time and I credit it for creating my interest in hip hop. “Kon Queso” is a personal favorite track (coming from the vegan). Aside from the music, the artwork on here is great. The cover is a beautifully illustrated version of MF Doom eating breakfast. The artwork, mixed with the music, and vocals all lead to this being an album that you must get. You won’t be disappointed.