Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic

2010 – Nonesuch


As we all know, the writing, playing, arrangements and everything else the Punch Brothers do is perfect, so for this one, I’m going to look at each song and single out some of the things that make each song memorable: Before I even start, the cover itself is super cool.

Side A:

“You Are” – the mandolin playing underneath the fiddle melody near the middle of the tune, also the moving bassline throughout

“Don’t Need No” – the metric modulation from the beginning to the guitar stride part…woah

“Alex” – the dynamic control, also the superfast banjo-ing

“Rye Whiskey” – the main riff grooves so hard, the “O Boy!”, and the bridge into the instrumental breakdown

“Me and Us” – the quarter note triplet violin over the main groove, the banjo solo, and that acapella part

Side B:

“Missy” – the start of the violin solo, and the part where it sounds like there are 3 or him overlapping himself

“the Woman and the Bell” – that buildup of all the instruments playing complicated parts, all up to perfect cut in dynamics, tension and release

“Next to the Trash” – the seamless transitions between styles

“Welcome Home” – the vocals (I know, I'm never into the vocals), and the chord movement

“This is the Song (Good Luck)” – the simplicity, how much they can convey with so little

All in all….too good