A Troop of Echoes – The Longest Year on Record



Providence has a great history of interesting and fun bands. A Troop of Echoes is definitely one of the most energetic and enigmatic genre bending bands to come out of this city. It is hard to categorize them into one style, which is fine by me. They have blended their influences together to form an immediately recognizable sound that is all their own. At times it is heavy, others relaxed, but always grooving like crazy. The songs are dynamically nuanced and slowly morph between sections naturally. This album feel as though it is alive and growing; listening to it gives you a front row seat to witness it mature. The lineup of bass, drums, guitar, and sax conjures up thoughts of jazz groups, which is a direction this band could have steered towards (based on the musicianship present). They instead decided that they wouldn’t let conventional structure define them, they forged ahead to make their own sound. I’m not going to musically analyze this album like I usually do, just note that there is vibraphone present! I just want to spotlight a highly entertaining band. I love supporting local artists, and groups like this make that easy. I’m sure I would be listening to them even if they weren’t from right here. Definitely get a copy of this album and check it out!