Ben Folds – So There (Part II, Chamber Rock)

2015 – New West Records


I’ve already discussed the second disc of this album, which featured a Concerto and now it is time to look a little bit into the chamber rock songs that comprise the first disc. Something that jumps out at me when listening through is the way Folds juxtaposes the conventional and odd uses of instruments. There are plenty of times where instruments are used for percussive means rather than melodic. Bows are scraped across for accents and tremolos are played for atmosphere. The arrangement of all the instruments sound fantastic. Some songs are slower, some faster, but all have a cohesive quality that makes the album flow very nicely. There is a passing chord in the track “So There” that is the quintessential Folds moment. He goes from a C chord to an F/A passing through a Fsus/Bb chord. Just moving the bass note down is so supremely satisfying. I am going to have to go back through his other songs and see where a similar tactic is used, of which I will report. I really enjoy all these tracks (save “F10-D-A”, which only tries to destroy the musicality and seriousness of the rest of the LP). Overall though, check out any of Ben Folds’ albums, there is always something that is worth listening to.