2016 – ANTI


This is an album that has a supergroup status that extends to the backing band. Obviously, k.d. Lang, Neko Case, and Laura Veirs are all great musicians with decades of experience, so it would make sense that when they got together, the session musicians would be top notch. Glenn Kotche (from Wilco) is on drums, Rob Burger (from one of my favorite groups, Tin Hat Trio) on keyboards, Ralph Carney (from hundreds of albums, including many Tom Waits’) on horns, Tim Young (who has played with everyone, including Beck and Mike Patton) on guitar, and Sebastion Steinberg (from Soul Coughing) on bass. With this amount of experience on one album, I had high expectations. Luckily, I was not disappointed. No one overplays, everything is tasteful, and there is a unified sound throughout. Case, Lang, and Veirs all take turns with vocals and harmonize really well together, never overpowering each other. The album almost sounds like it came from the 50s at points, and sounds very modern at others. Somehow it is unified and doesn’t sound disjointed. Their songwriting is great. Each tune can stand on its own and still falls in line with the others. The vinyl itself is a translucent orange, so that is cool too. This is definitely one to check out!