Primus – The Desaturating Seven

2017 – Prawn Song


Some albums enter your life at the exact time when you need them. Whatever you are going through, or wherever you are emotionally, these albums stick with you. It could be the songwriting, the instrumentation, the lyrics, or nothing that can be easily pinpointed to that ingratiates a group of tunes to you. Even though I hadn’t heard “The Desaturating Seven” before this week, I can already tell that this album is going to be on constant rotation on my system for a long time to come. I’ve loved Primus for a long time, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I love this album. Much of my fond feelings for it, I’m sure, come from the fact that I heard it performed live before I heard the LP. The attachment to the live show experience gave this LP a real-world memory that I subconsciously, and apparently consciously, associate with it every time it spins under the needle. Now, I’ve seen Primus live a few times, so I knew to expect a great show, but there was something that struck me about this performance. The music was complex, but the trio was playing it so cleanly and with such precision that it seemed effortless. “The Desaturating Seven” is a concept album that brings together goblins and prog rock (how could you not love it?). The animated visuals of rolling hills and rainbows that played behind the band as well as the artwork on the album itself augment the music and show it from a different viewpoint than would be shown if they were absent. The playfulness reminds me of Jethro Tull while the arrangements and songwriting remind me of King Crimson (two of my favorite bands if you’ve been paying attention to past posts). Even though these influences are present, this album is clearly Primus. They have been together long enough to carve out their sound and bring together elements are uniquely their own. They are still pushing to new territories and different directions and I am excited to see where they go next. In the meantime, I’m definitely going to wear out this vinyl. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for yourself!