On Fillmore – Extended Vacation

2009 – Dead Oceans


This is a weird album, which makes it a perfect fit for my collection. On Fillmore is a duo of musicians, percussionist Glenn Kotche and bassist Darin Gray. The music on this LP is a mixture of film noir soundtrack, exotica, and percussion ensemble (which means I love it). The vibraphone throughout plays melodies that you latch onto without there being a real clear hook, which is interesting. There are twists and turns to these lines and the playing is expertly executed. Kotche has done a lot of writing for percussion over the years and even had an album of solo percussion pieces (which is excellent if you get the chance to listen to it). On “Extended Vacation” the use of mallet instruments with the bass and percussion backing leads to some creepy moments.  I don’t know much about Darin Gray, but I definitely need to check out some of his stuff. From a quick search, it seems like he does a lot of sideman work, so I’m sure I will be diving into that soon. In the meantime, turn your record players on and get to listening!