St. Vincent – Marry Me

2007 – Beggars Banquet Records


As the first guitar harmonics hit as the needle drops, it is clear that this is going to be a special LP. This was St. Vincent’s first record, which is amazing, because there is so much personality and originality pressed into it. The writing, arranging, production, and musicianship shown throughout this outing are incredible. There are little twists and turns to the songs that move them to unexpected places. The chord choices take what start out as conventional songs and bring them to a completely original and entertaining situations. The guitar work of Annie Clark is magnificent, bringing together lead lines with extended techniques and complexity. Some of the writing reminds me of Fred Frith, just in a completely different context (listen to the violins in “Your Lips are Red”). “Paris is Burning” is the standout track for me. There is so much passion and feeling imparted into it and it also goes into a creepy waltz in the middle, which makes me happy. I need to get more of Clarks work on vinyl, she has a great catalogue that is worth checking out if you haven’t yet.