Kansas – Leftoverture

1976 – CBS


This is definitely my guilty pleasure record. I love “Carry On Wayward Son”, just putting that out there. There are some great grooves and prog rock compositions throughout this LP that make me keep coming back for more. There is a sense of humor that accompanies the monster musicianship; just look at the album title! These are some serious musicians who were able to poke fun at themselves and the whole genre. The artwork is so interesting and has so many little details that you can spend the whole time listening to the album checking out the intricacies of it. The awesome riff from “Miracles Out of Nowhere” was sampled by the hiphop group Strange Fruit Project in their song “Pinball”. That riff is one of my favorite parts of the “Leftoverture”. It takes a cool idea in seven and adds all kinds of counterpoint and countermelodies over it. They took an idea and ran with it, seeing how far they could push it and how much they could get out of it. This is the kind of thing that I honestly wasn’t expecting on my first listen. There are gems like that all over this LP, which is why I keep coming back for more. Great band, great album, great times listening.