Midnight Star – Planetary Invasion

1984 – Solar Records


Look at that cover and tell me you aren’t going to love this album, I dare you. This LP delivers in the exact way that you would hope it would. Programmed drums, dj scratching, robotic voices, synthesizers…so good. Now, as longtime readers of this blog will know, this is not my normal style of music at all, but it should also be apparent that if it is well done, I’m going to enjoy it. This album is definitely done well. It makes no apologies for what it is, it doesn’t claim to be anything that it isn’t, it simply grooves. The first tune “Body Snatchers” is so good. “Snatch it baby, snatch it right, we’re gonna snatch your party if it takes all night.” From there, the hits keep on coming. This album is such a product of the 80s. The sounds, production, and songwriting all smack you over the head with 80s sounds, which is what makes this such a good album. We are far enough removed from the original time that this was released that it is so out of style that it is in style. Music works in cycles and there are things I’ve heard on the radio now that are harkening back to this time (not that I spend a lot of time listening to the radio and am any kind of expert on current trends). As I’ve put in other posts, I’d rather listen to the original of something than a tribute to it. That’s why I can get into this album when I can’t really get into some of the new music out there today. This was original in its time and it really is awesome to hear as a sort of time capsule of the 80s. This is the kind of album that you can put on at a party and people will get excited. Get a copy and try it out for yourself!