Photo by Herb Photography   

Photo by Herb Photography


Ryan Kowal.

Musician. Composer.

Ryan Kowal is a force in the New England free improvisation scene.  A talented percussionist, Ryan's true passion is the vibraphone.  His creative compositions span the genres of jazz, classical, free improvisation, and rock.  

Many new exciting projects are in the works for Ryan at the moment.  He is connecting with some of Providence's best musicians and creating some interesting groups, which can be read about on the project's page. Highlights include a trio with Phil Mazza and Max Goldman, Bastilla, as well as the Ben Shaw Brash Band. 

After years of writing for different sized ensembles, Ryan is now focusing on a trio (vibes, bass, drums). This is a tricky format, but one that opens up many options. A full album worth of material is in the process of being written and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018. 

Ryan has been fortunate to connect musically with some of New England's best artists.  He performs regularly with the Jeff Platz group with Kit Demos, Max Goldman, Matt Crane, and Scott Getchell. He also regularly sits in with Chris Forkey's group, Le Prestige, with John Glenshaw, Kit Buckley, Gary Wallen, Scott Getchell, Jim Hobbs, and Jeff Platz. Ryan is also the drummer for the Ben Shaw Brash band, which plays original folk/jazz music, featuring Mark Medeiros and Joe Grilli.

Ryan is always working on new material for all of these groups as well as writing and performing with other projects. In addition to the media found on this site, a comprehensive selection of videos can be found here.